I feel great about going to Watiki tomorrow because we will be out of school and we will be going to Rapid City!!!!! :)
What I would do is ask my teacher for some books and if she ask's why I would say "I'm going to read while I'm on Christmas break" that's what I would say to my teacher and also I can tell her that I'm going to try too keep up my reading goal.
What I would do is that I would have an meeting with people I know and have an donation to0 let people know I that I'm helping out my community and school. How I would help my school is that I would go out to there community hall and also have an meeting out there and tell them the things I need so they can donate it to the school or the community.

I would just ask him or her what they did and if they don't tell me i would just keep on asking them what they've done.

What I would do is go tell the cop's without my friend knowing I did.